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Trash It [Model SLES-00256]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by GT Interactive Soft. Corp.

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Trash It © 1997 GT Interactive.

Trash It is an orgy of destruction that will set pulses racing in the most original arcade action in recent years. Based on the exploits of Jack Hammer, Trash It offers the player the opportunity to destroy mammoth buildings, monumental structures and pulsating power plants in the ultimate frenzy of devastation and vandalism. Your palms will sweat, your veins bulge as you go through level after level of challenging gameplay. Be big, be bold and choose your weapon. Bring the house down!


Game ID: SLES-00256


Rage Software
Lead Programmer: Rob Mann
Support Programmers: Mark Hula, Andrew G. Williams, David Clarke, Zafar Qamar
Lead Artist: Andrew Taylor
Support Artists: Jon Court, Lee Seabridge, Jon Curtis, Mike Hanrahan
Music composed by: Gordon Hall
Additional Musicians: Paul Kirton, Paul Johnson, Bill Robinson, Peter Johnson, Philip Nixon, Philip Scott, Et Cetera distribution
Testing: Lee Mather
Co‑ordination: Trevor Williams
Manual humorously compiled by: Julian Widdows
Special Thanks: Joanne

GT Interactive
Producer: Graeme Boxall
Assistant Producer: Nick Bridger
QA/Customer Services Manager: Liam DelaHunty
QA/Development support: Graham Axford
Additional witty retorts and Brum to English Translation: Ben Browning, Nick Bridger
Lead Testers: Julian Widdows, Rex Siney
Testers: Rich Pommes, Christopher Tudor-Smith
Special Thanks: Rob Smith