Transformers - The Headmasters [Model TFC-TFH]

A 31-year-old Nintendo Famicom Disk. by Takara

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????????? ? ???????? © 1987 Takara Company, Limited.

(Transformers - The Headmasters)

Transformers The Headmasters is an action/shooter by takara and based on the '80s popular animated series of the same name. Two factions of humanoid robots, the Autobots and their arch nemesis the Decepticons, have been at war for centuries. These robots have the unique ability to disguise themselves as vehicles, and this unique element made the series a worldwide success (and the collectible toys that came along with it). The game features Chromedome, an Autobot Transformer capable of changing into a heavy armed vehicle. The goal of the game is to help him rescue four imprisoned allies, namely Rodimus Convoy (known as Rodimus Prime outside of Japan), Hardhead, Highbrow and Brainstorm. Each rescued Autobot joins the party and becomes a playable character as the game progresses, and the ultimate goal is for them to combine into the powerful Fortress Maximus. The game starts out with a stage selection screen that gives the player the opportunity to explore three different planets - Earth, Cybertron and Jail. A fourth planet, the final stage, can only be accessed by rescuing the four Autobots first. Stages alternate between vehicle and robot modes (it is not possible to transform during gameplay) where the Autobots must defeat waves of Decepticons and their leaders. Interestingly, the robot sections are usually made out of closed rooms and Decepticon crests must be discovered to proceed, either by killing all the enemies on screen, or in some cases, by shooting specific pods. Various items are available to collect throughoutt the game and range from Energy Capsules, Power-ups (each Autobot comes with four power-ups levels) and Speed boosts.




Transformers was released on August 28, 1987 in Japan for 3300 Yen.

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