Tournament Arkanoid

The Arcade PCB by Taito America Corp.

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Tournament Arkanoid © 1987 Taito America Corp.

Tournament Arkanoid is an update of the original "Arkanoid" that was released exclusively in the United States. It has an entirely new set of levels, some more difficult than any levels of the original game. Otherwise, gameplay in general is entirely identical to the original.


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Tournament Arkanoid was released in January 1987 in the USA. It was licensed to Romstar.

This game is basically "Arkanoid" with an entirely new set of levels. For more information on the game, please see the original Taito Japan entry.

The layout of level 2 is a drawing of the US flag, with the stars represented by silver blocks.

The layout of level 4 is a drawing of Chack'n from "Chack'n Pop". Chack'n's eyes are made out of indestructible gold blocks.

Game's ROM.

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