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Tora-he no Michi [Model JC63004]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 34 years ago by Victor Musical Industries, Inc.

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Tora-he no Michi [Model JC63004] screenshot

虎への道 © 1990 Victor Musical Industries, Incorporated.
(Tora-he no Michi)

Tora-he no Michi is a side scrolling action game by Capcom and conversion of the arcade game of the same name. Lee Wong is a young monk and a student of the Oh-Lin school of martial arts. He's also a master of the legendary Oh-Lin Tiger techniques. One day, the warriors of the Dragon God went to rob the four secret scrolls from the Oh-Lin temple and kidnapped all the children from the village. The bald and axe-swinging monk doesn't have much choice; he must now go through five long areas, and save the children and reclaim the Oh-Lin scrolls. Lee comes equipped with an axe - a weapon of limited range and accuracy. However, more weapons can be collected along the way by cracking open treasure chests and statues. The two other available weapons are the Mace (weak but covers a large area) and the Spear (fast but short range). Other special items are also available for the taking - Health Bottles, Invincibility Crystal Balls, Lives, keys (to unlock special doors) or Capcom's trademark POW icon which upgrades Lee's current weapon. Each area is divided into sub-levels and some even branch out and allow players to fight different bosses. Interestingly, each area ends with a small training session where the monk can improve his fighting skills and techniques. There, Lee can gain extra health or learn a new and powerful Tiger Attack. The monk has few more tricks up his sleeves and parts of the game feature vertical-scrolling flying stages. Finally, Tora-he no Michi has a save feature and allows the player to continue from the last visited sub-stage, but a device with built-in backup RAM is necessary (such as a CD-ROM unit or a Tennokoe 2 Bank).

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HuCARD ID: JC63004


Tora-he no Michi for PC-Engine was released on February 23, 1990 in Japan for 6700 Yen.

The original arcade game was released by Capcom in 1987. The PC-Engine version is fairly different from the original. Lee Wong's sprite has a cuter appearance overall with a larger head, whereas he looks more like an adult monk in the arcade version. Enemies are also different, the arcade game features human-looking foes whereas the PC-Engine port uses demons and other creatures. Levels are completely different too, the original game doesn't start in a forest but right outside the Oh-Lin school and stages significantly change thereafter. Finally, a short introduction sequence explained the plot of the game and a map showed the player's progress before entering a new area - both were omitted from the PC-Engine version.

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