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Top Gun - Fire at Will! [Model SLUS-00032]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Spectrum HoloByte

Listed in MAME

Top Gun - Fire at Will! © 1996 Spectrum HoloByte.


Game ID: SLUS-00032


Released on June 12, 1996 in the USA.

Licensed through Viacom Consumer Products, Top Gun: Fire at Will was one of the first titles for the PlayStation game console to feature full-motion video for a more realistic gaming experience. There are more than 30 nonstop action-packed dogfighting missions, with each level of gameplay becoming progressively more challenging than the last.


Lead Programmer: Dean Grandquist
Programmers: Brian Lewis, Daniel Deremiah, Dan Moen, Paul Schlegel
Terrain System Programmers: Marc Reynolds, Jason Hoerner
Lead Artist, 3D Modeler, Terrain Artist: Rick Dimond
Other Artist: Gregory Smith
Producer: John Vifian
Jack of All Trades, Jr.: Michael Bilodeau
Sound Designer: Scott Petersen
Quality Assurance Lead: Randy Lee
Quality Assurance Testers: Anthony Constantino, Christopher Evans, James Green, Vansouk Lianemany, Roderick Roye, Wi Kian Tang, Sergio Vuskovic, Larry Stephen Webber
Manual Writer: Robert Giedt
Manual Editor: Marisa Ong
Manual Layout: Reiko Yamamoto
Package Artists: Rick Dimond, Lawrence Kevin
Video Screenplay: Chip Proser
Game Dialogue, Mission Framework, Screenplay Editor: Steve Olson
Studio Administration: Steven Weinstein, Mesceille Ogata
Product Marketing: April Souza
Marketing Services: Kathryn Lynch, Jerome Paterno, Rick Rasay
Public Relations: Holly Hartz, Kathy Sanguinetti
Special Thanks: Anthony Chiang, Alice Chinn, Russel Comte, Chris Deyo, Wella Lasola, Gilman Louie, Lawrence Kevin, Michael Mancuso, Steve Race, Steven Weinstein, Mega Dude
Top Gun PC Staff: Ken Allen, Jim Berry, Ally Chen, Anthony Chiang, Bill Chinn, Russel Comte, Scott Gallardo, Eric Grotke, Jeff Holzhauer, Erick Jap, Lawrence Kevin, Wella Lasola, Michael Mancuso, Brian Morgan, J. Chase Pantanella, Kuswara Pranawahadi, Gregory Smith, Dan Teven
Voice Data File Editor: Alice Chinn
Macro Maven: Steven Weinstein
Audio Director: Paul Mogg
Sound Designers: J. White, Scott Peterson
Additional Audio Processing: Andrew Edlen, Jonathan Hoffberg
User Interface Music and Original Video Soundtrack: Steven Scherer
Simulation Music: What in the world Productions, Brad Rudolph, Deenie Hamacher, Bruce Nolen
Musical Clearance Service: Evan M. Greenspan Inc.
Viacom Consumer Products: Suzie Domnick, Kristine Ross, Randi Kagan-Casey
Contracts: Dennis Cline, Law Offices of Behr and Robinson
Naval Aviation Consultants: Richard Cormier, Robert Coleman
Acknowledgements: Gary E. Shrout, William Jones, Navy Office of Information, USS Carl Vinson Public Affairs Office, USS Abraham Lincoln Public Affairs Office

Hondo: James Tolkan
Amanda Moore: Julie Carmen
Merlin: George Castillo
Stinger: Jamison Jones
Raven: Celia Shuman
Intel: Peter Zapp
Nomad: Nick Scoggin
Air Boss: Squire Fridell
Tom St. Germaine: Darwin Gillette

Tomcat, Ivan: Carlos Alazraqui
Air Boss, Male Cadre, Helo: Michael Bennett
Strike, Ruthless Ruth, Igor: Denny Delk
Betty, Female Cadre, Igno: Maximilienne L. M. Ewalt
Hawkeye, Mick: Michael Mancuso
Mother Hen, Russian Strike: Jarion Monroe
Cruiser, Flex: Andy Valvur
Frigate, Prowler: Peter Zapp

Extras: Kevin O. Keefe, Dave Dawson Jr., Dean MacCracken, Kyle Armour, Jack Choy, Duncan Cooper, Tim Levin, Brad Nelson, Kathryn Keller, James L. Mays, Mack Waldrip, Gail Shelly

Video Screenplay: Chip Proser
Production Company: Noyes & Laybourne Enterprises Inc.
Director: Eli Noyes
Producer: Brian Sullivan
Director of Photography: Bill Zarchy
Camera Operator: Jim Rollin
Production Manager: Sandra Kimberly
1st Assistant Director: Annie Spiegelman
Key Second AD: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Sound Mixer: Greg Von Buchau
Makeup and Hair: Mindy Hall
Costume Designer: Lucy Jones
Wardrobe Supervisor: Liz Wolf
Key Grip: Hugh Freeman
Best Boy Grip: Sandy Stanton
Grip: Josh Lytel
Gaffer: Darryl Flowers
Best Boy Electric: Paul Meise
Electrician: Charles Griswold
Art Director: Craig Patterson
Assistant Props: Liz Campana, Kevin Patterson
Willow Camp Catering/Caterer: Thomas Belger
Craft Service: Sandy Reed
Casting/San Francisco Casting: Hayes & Von Horn
Los Angeles Casting: Steven Fertig
Sound Stage: Cine Rent West; San Francisco; California
Video Post-Production: Realtime Video; San Francisco; California
Audio Post-Production: Russian Hill Recording; San Francisco; California
Voice-over Recordings: Live Oak Studio; Berkeley; California, The Enterprise Interactive; Burbank; California, Adirondack Radio; Lake Placid; New York, Kampo Audio/Video; New York; New York, Robert Berke Sound; San Francisco; California
Voice-over Session Producers: Paul Mogg, J. White
Special Thanks to: Bender; Goldman & Helper Public Relations; Los Angeles, Brian Bettman, Aron Bonar, Michael Breault, Catherine Durand, Lou Gioia, Clyde Grossman, Neil Johnston, Greg Kennedy, Gilman Louie, Planned Marketing Solutions, George Poharcyk, Steve Race, Kip Welch

Stock Footage: Digital Ranch, Sherman Grinberg Film Libraries Inc.

Vocals: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Guitar: David Immergluck
Drums: Jim Bogios
Engineer: Dale Everingham
Keyboards: Steven Scherer
Producer: Steven Scherer


Game's CD.