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Tonka Construction Site [Model CGB-BCZE-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Color cart. published 22 years ago by TDK Core

Listed in MAME

Tonka Construction Site © 2002 TDK Core




Developed by Sunset Entertainment.
Programmers: Sebastian Abel, Daniel Sczepansky, Viktor Kuzmin
Art: Daniel Sczepansky
Music and Sound Effects: Brian Farakas

Published by TDK Mediactive Inc.
Executive Producer: Vincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer in Charge of Production: Peter Gould
Senior Producer: Tim Goodlett
Quality Assurance Director: Kevin Deadwylier
Quality Assurance Supervisor: Jeremy Rosenthal
Lead Tester: Tod S. Hostetler
Quality Assurance Team: Jose Amador, Lewis Hamilton, Stiev Millis, Gavin Niebel
Chief Operating Officer: Shin Tanabe
Chief Financial Officer: Martin Paravato
VP, International Business Affairs: Eugene Code
VP, Global Marketing: Stefan Serwe
VP, Sales: Tanya Baker
VP, Operations: Lorena Billig
Brand Manager: Andrea Frechette


Game's ROM.