To Tell the Truth

A 16-year-old Slot Machine by Bally Gaming, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


To Tell the Truth © 2002 Bally Gaming, Incorporated.

With its celebrity panelists and parade of contestants with unusual and offbeat occupations, experiences or hobbies, the pioneering TV game show ''To Tell The Truth'' helped to launch television's golden age. Now all of the sights, sounds and audience-pleasing gameplay of the original TV show have been faithfully captured in a hilarious new EVO VIDEO progressive slot from Bally Gaming and Systems.

From its familiar upbeat theme music to its colorful assortment of oddball contestants, the EVO VIDEO version of To Tell the Truth captivates players by utilizing the latest interactive game-play technology. In the main bonus round, players can select from different sets of zany contestants with a correct guess resulting in a hugh point value.


To Tell the Truth the Slot Machine
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