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Time Crisis II

Arcade Video game published 26 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Time Crisis II screenshot

Time Crisis II © 1998 Namco.

A top agent has been kidnapped, and a military satellite has been stolen, leaving 2 mercenaries to track them down and stop the terrorists before they can launch the satellite - and the agent - into space! Contains more of the same duck-and-cover shooting gameplay that made the original Time Crisis so popular.

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Namco System 23 hardware
Game ID : TSS

Main CPU : IDT (@ 133.3289 Mhz), H8/3002 (@ 14.7456 Mhz), H8/3334 (@ 14.7456 Mhz)
Sound Chips : C352 (@ 24.576 Mhz)


Time Crisis II was shown at the 1998 AOU Amusement Expo show (February 1998) in Japan. It was then released on March, 20th 1998 in Japan (even if the title screen says 1997).

System Super 23 Version was released on September 7, 1998 in Japan.

New to the series is the link-play system, where 2 people can play at once and shoot, if 2 cabinets are linked together.

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Be on the lookout for soldiers clothed in yellow that run past on occasion - they are hard to hit since they only appear for a very short time (and more often than not, rather far away), but shooting them successfully will net you a load of points.

None of the enemy's bullets will ever hit you unless they are accompanied by a flash of red light from their gun. So stay out of cover for as long as you can, and dodge the shot when you see it coming. This way you should be able to get through the stages without wasting too much time behind cover.

Shooting an enemy 3 times in a row nets you more points overall and counts toward your hit combo, but don't waste too much ammo or you'll find yourself reloading more often (and hence, wasting time).

Stage 1 Secret Area: In stage one when you see the boss, shoot off his hat all four times, and you'll be treated to an area where there is nothing but yellow guys (the bonus guys)

Stage 2 Secret Area: On stage 2-2 shoot the two bonus enemies when the train goes past you. You will take the other route with some bonus enemies.

Stage 3 Bonus: This only works in Solo mode. When fighting Wild Dog for the first time, shoot him as many times as possible - while he's on the pipe, while he's running, while he's shooting back, and also in the next scene where you fight him individually. If you hit him enough times, in the scene where the agents attack him from both sides yellow bonus soldiers will appear instead of the regular gray and white soldiers.

Free Shots: For free practice sessions, pick up the light gun and begin shooting at the title screen, the one that says "Time Crisis 2"

Hard Mode: There is a way to make the game harder. In the first stage, look to the left. There is a rack of bottles. If you shoot enough, the game will have MUCH more sharp shooters. It may seem useless until the train level - you'll notice that in one section all the guys are ORANGE (harder)!

Gun Calibration: Before inserting the last token, hold the trigger and step on the pedal. Insert the last token and you can calibrate your gun after choosing either solo or teamwork. There will be a sign below the solo category if this works.

Time Attack Mode: To enter Time Attack Mode, hold A, B, C, and D buttons down then press Start to begin the game.


1. Time Crisis (1995, ARC)
2. Time Crisis II (1998, ARC)
3. Crisis Zone (1999, ARC)
4. Time Crisis - Project Titan (2001, PSX)
5. Time Crisis 3 (2003, ARC)
6. Time Crisis 4 (2006, ARC)
7. Razing Storm (2009, ARC)
8. Time Crisis 5 (2015, ARC)


Sony PlayStation 2 (2001)


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