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Time Crisis 4

Arcade Video game published 18 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Time Crisis 4 screenshot

Time Crisis 4 © 2006 Namco.

When a world class terrorist group led by Gregory Barrows smuggles a top secret weapon that threatens the world. it's up to VSSE (Vital Situation and Swift Elimination) agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard to put an end to Barrow's scheme for world domination.

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Namco System Super 256 hardware.


Released in June 2006.

New to the Time Crisis series are the multi-screen battles. This feature though made it's debut in the Sony Playstation exclusive Time Crisis: Project Titan.

During the stage 2 boss battle, Elizabeth Conway (a supporting character in the game) will comment on some of the wrestling moves performed against William Rush (another supporting character who helps the players at times). One of the moves done by the 2nd stage boss is WWE wrestler John Cena's finisher called the FU (which is now known as the Attitude Adjuster). Coincidentially, the Japanese version has Elizabeth mention it as FU while in the English versions, she only mentions 'F...'.

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* Gun Calibration Mode : For those who wish to calibrate their guns before gameplay...
Press and hold the trigger and step on the pedal before inserting a coin/credit at the title screen.
Shoot at the 5 points on the screen and ok to fix it or step on the pedal to re-calibrate.
On the next screen shoot 'ON' for gun recoil or 'OFF' for no recoil.


1. Time Crisis (1995, ARC)
2. Time Crisis II (1998, ARC)
3. Crisis Zone (1999, ARC)
4. Time Crisis - Project Titan (2001, PSX)
5. Time Crisis 3 (2003, ARC)
6. Time Crisis 4 (2006, ARC)
7. Razing Storm (2009, ARC)
8. Time Crisis 5 (2015, ARC)


Sony PlayStation 3 (2007)
Sony Playstation 3 (2010, "Time Crisis - Razing Storm")


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