A 22-year-old Slot Machine by Aristocrat Leisure Industries Pty

Emulated in MAME !

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Thunderheart © 1996 Aristocrat.

A 5 reel video slot machine with a bikie theme.


Thunderheart the Slot Machine
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Aristocrat MKIV hardware. Also released in the MKV Series 1 hardware.

540/MVP cabinet (14 button) layout :

Top row buttons :
Bet 1 Credit
Bet 2 Credits
Bet 3 Credits
Bet 5 Credits
Bet 10 Credits

Bottom row buttons :
Play 1 Line / Red
Play 3 Lines
Play 5 Lines
Play 7 Lines
Play 9 Lines / Black
Take Win


In 2007, Aristocrat reused the Thunderheart name for a Hyperlink jackpot feature, similar to 'Cash Express'.

The first Hyperlink jackpot to feature bikes was 'Born to be Wild', which is also similar to the 'Cash Express' feature. However, 'Born to be Wild' is disliked by many people, as the shields stopped in the centre line can also bring out small numbers from 3 to 7. If you stop the special symbol on Cash Express or Thunderheart you are guaranteed an 8 minimum, up to 11.

The Hyperlink features aren't actual games, but random features on supported games (noted by the gold (H) logo near the Win sign).

The names of other Hyperlink features are :
Cash Express (1999, train theme)
Born to be Wild (2001, bike theme)
Scorchin' Fortune (2001, car theme)
Thunderheart (2007, bike theme)
Jackpot Carnival (2002, circus theme)
Golden Goals (2006, soccer theme)

Jackpot Carnival and Golden Goals are different to the other games, which all have a 'stop reels to get a score' feature.

Ironically, the original Thunderheart game pre-dated Hyperlink jackpots by 3 years.


1. Enchanted Forest (1994)
2. Phantom Pays (1994)
3. Thunderheart (1996)
4. Mystic Eyes [Mr. Cashman] (2002)

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