Thunder Jack

A Slot Machine by Gamey Industries

Not emulated in MAME


Thunder Jack © 200? Gamey Industries.

5-reel with 15 winning lines video slot. Get into a cowboy shooting action and old Wild West. Reload the colts with bullets, get on your horse and go with us chasing the Wanted criminals, or rob a bank and get yourself some money. This game stands out by its high frequency of bonuses and wins. It is all designed in classic country style with a catchy quality western soundtrack.


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* Bar Bonus : When 3 or more BAR symbols appear on the screen. Bar Bonus is triggered. Player has to shoot down one of the bottles and get displayed value multiplied by the bet.

* Wanted Bonus : When 3 Wanted symbols appear anywhere on the reels, 7 free games begin. Wins in free games are multiplied by the number of just played free games. In so far that, win in the first free game is multiplied by 1, win in the 2nd free game by 2, win in the 7th free game is multiplied by 7!