Thunder Force II MD [Model T-18013]

The Sega Mega Drive Game by Tecno Soft.

Thunder Force II MD [Model T-18013] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Sega Mega Drive Game

Thunder Force II MD © 1989 Tecno Soft.


Cartridge ID: T-18013


Released on June 15, 1989 in Japan. Thunder Force II MD was the very first third-party game released for the Mega Drive in Japan, eight months after the system's initial launch.

france Consoles + HS N.2 : 90/100
france Player One (Oct. 1990): 58/100


1. Thunder Force (PC98)
2. Thunder Force II (X68000)
3. Thunder Force II MD [Model T-18013] (1989, Mega Drive)
4. Thunder Force III [Model T-18033] (1990, Mega Drive)
5. Thunder Force IV [Model T-18063] (1992, Mega Drive)
6. Thunder Force V [Model T-1811G] (1997, Saturn)
7. Thunder Force VI [Model SLPM-55096] (2008, PS2)


Program: Izumi Fukuda, Takashi Iwanaga, Haruhiko Ohtsuka
Graphics & Design: Osamu Tsujikawa
Stage Design: Takashi Iwanaga
Music Compose: Tomomi Ōtani
Sound Effects: Naosuke Arai
Wording: Kazue Matsuoka, Kikuko Tamichi, Fumio Sugano
Special Thanks To: Sōichirō Hikichi, Kazuhiro Imamura
Cover Illustration: Marc William Ericksen

Game's ROM.

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