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Thin Ice [Model 8300]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 38 years ago by INTV Corp.

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Thin Ice [Model 8300] screenshot

Thin Ice © 1986 INTV

Based on the Data East arcade game Disco No. 1.

You control Duncan by pressing the hand controller DISC. Skate around the other penguins, dunking them in the pond. Avoid or dunk the seal and polar bears. Gobble shrimp cocktails for extra speed. Dunk all of the penguins, then take the Zamboni ice resurfacer out for a spin to fix up the pond -- more penguins show up and the game continues at the next level, harder than before!


Model 8300


Early in production, David Warhol came to Keith Robinson, who was manager on the game, and said he had a friend who wanted to break into the video game field as a composer and was willing to write a theme for Thin Ice for free. Keith told him no; it was against Mattel policy to use freelancers, even if they were literally free. Following Keith's authority about as much as anyone at Mattel did, Dave had his friend write the music anyway. Dave coded it for Intellivision and Julie linked it into the game.

The theme, 'Carnival of the Penguins', was so addictive and perfect for the game that Keith agreed it had to be used. He contacted Mattel's crack legal department and suggested they buy the rights for $100. They probably could have, but they procrastinated for months. By the time they got around to contacting the composer, the game had been demonstrated at a number of trade shows using the music; the composer was able to negotiate a payment of $1200 for the 15 second theme.

Thus George Alistair Sanger sold his first video game melody. He has gone on, under the nickname The Fat Man, to become the most famous composer of music for interactive media. He and his Team Fat have provided the music for Loom, Wing Commander, The 7th Guest and many other computer games.

The penguins Norman and Minky were named after Julie and Monique's boss Keith Robinson (who only reluctantly admits that his rarely-used first name is Norman) and his boss Mike Minkoff (Snafu).

You get 1000 points for dunking the seal, 450 points for dunking a polar bear, and 100 points for dunking a penguin. Plus, you get bonus points for the size of the hole you make when you dunk 'em -- from 40 points to over 6000 points for skating around the ENTIRE POND (it CAN be done)!
Gobble a shrimp cocktail (skate over it) to pick up 60 points and a temporary burst of extra speed! Scarf up a lobster for 50 points and an extra chance to freeze the polar bears!

Get an extra turn for every 10,000 points you score.


Design: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, Monique Lujan-Bakerink
Program: Julie Hoshizaki
Graphics: Monique Lujan-Bakerink
Music theme 'Carnival of the Penguins': George Sanger (The Fat Man)
Sound effects/additional music: David Warhol
Package illustration: Keith Robinson


Game's ROM.