Theme Park [Model L8001]

A 23-year-old Atari Jaguar Cart. by Ocean Soft.

Theme Park [Model L8001] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Theme Park © 1995 Ocean Software, Limited.


Model L8001


* Cheats:
- All shops and rides:
Sink all your money into shops research, then wait until April, two years later.

- Low Cost Super-ride:
When laying a track ride, first do the world's smallest track. Then open it and immediately close it again. You can edit it now and make it huge and you'll only be charged for the first, small ride. One disadvantage: You will not win the 'Biggest, tallest etc.' ride of the year come awards time. Depending on how long you want to run your park, it may be better not to do this.

- Mass Transit:
Create a tube ride (using low cost method) from one end of your park to the other. Put gates at both ends, but only connect the entrance on one end. Peeps will enter and be shuttled back to the other side of the park.

* Easter Eggs:
Adjust Screen Position (at any time): Option + L/R

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