The Wild [Model AGB-BWLP-EUR]

The Nintendo GBA Game by Buena Vista Games

Not emulated in MAME


[HANDHELD] Nintendo GBA Game

The Wild © 2006 Buena Vista Games.


Cartridge ID: AGB-BWLP-EUR


Developed by: Climax Handheld
Lead Artist: Lee Brown
C4 Digital Lead Artist: Paul Mitchell
Artists: Raymond Leung, Edmond Leung, Greg Mocarski, Kenneth Chan, Alex Goulkin
Design Leads: Jake May, Derek Poon
Designers: William Greenough, David Hardcastle
Sound & Music: Marc Weber
Lead Programmer: Rob Swan
Programmers: Sharwin Raghoebardayal, Geoff Woods
Producer: Philip Merricks
VP Development: Chris Keegan
Studio President: Jonas Eneroth
Marketing: Dawn Beasley
PR: Dawn Beasley
Office Manager: Jacqui Courtney
IT Manager: Marcus Collard
Climax would like to thank: Rob Brooks, Sam Scott, Sonia Souto

Published by Buena Vista Games
Associate Producer: Bob J. Quinn
Producer: Cliff Kamida
Executive Producer: Rachel DiPaola
Lead Artist: Antrese Wood
Director Marketing: Dana Long
Senior Manager Marketing: Barbara Gleason
Associate Marketing Manager: Mark Turosz
Director Public Relations: Angela Emery
Manager Public Relations: Eric Wein
Senior Designer Creative Services: Jasmine Ellsworth
Senior Manager Quality Assurance: Gary Stevens
Supervisor Quality Assurance: Luigi Pardo
Project Lead: Timothy Fitzrandolph
Testers: Kevin Chao, Philip Bailey, Rick Gusa, Ryan Medley
Supervisor Certification: Doug Quackenbush
Certification: Conan E. Chamberlain, Jason Furler, Marta Saylors, Angelo Federizo
Media Coordinator: Mario Donis
BVG would like to thank: Laura Kampo, Tamira Webster, Luigi Priore, Matthew Owczarek, George Owens, Jessica Chaffin, Diane Stainner

Game's ROM.

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