The Untouchable

A 21-year-old Arcade Video Game by PlayPak Systems Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


The Untouchable © 1997 PlayPak Systems Inc.

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Power PC G3 233 Mhz (300Mhz 604e or Pentium II equivalent)
32 to 64 megabytes of SRAM
4 gigabyte Hard Drive
24x CD ROM
8 Meg ATI Rage Pro II Card or Techworks Power 3D -3DFX card
27in. or 33in. Well Gardener VGA Monitor
High Quality Speakers with Sub Woofer
PlayPak Interface controller


The Untouchable is a CD-Rom game designed for the PlayPak system and released exclusively for coin-op. Almost 2 years in the making, this project has evolved from a simple fighting game, to a completely interactive martial arts movie. A tremendous amount of video production was done prior to the programing. The game is created entirely with digitized audio & video. Graphic artists and animators added special effects, and the programmers bring it all to life.