The Terminator

Fruit Machine published 12 years ago by Red Gaming

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The Terminator © 2009 Red Gaming, Limited.



Released in August 2009.


* Play on £1 play for all numbers to be quadrupled.

* Five consecutive trail helds awards a skill shot on the nudges, how fast are your reactions!

* Reach position 4 to be awarded a bonus, this can then be collected or gambled for a different one if required.

* Light two of the same colour Terminator Heads to be awarded a bonus, light one of each colour for a skill bonus.

* Magic Number will show you what the next number will be.

* Safe shot will give a shot on the safe board and ever subsequent hi-lo will award another shot.

* When a safe value is shot out it will then turn into a 'next level', land on one of these to move to the next level.

* Red Hot from the bonus turns some of the features into super features, light all of the features red and reach a Bee for a nice surprise.

* When the position 4 bonus is gambled watch out for a true skill bonus, the chance increases the more positions are eliminated.

* Use your skill on Target Practise hit the move in's, can you reach the Jackpot?


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