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The Sopranos [Model I-0085]

Pinball published 19 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

The Sopranos © 2005 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.


Stern Whitestar II
GAME ID: I-0085

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : Atmel AT91 (@ 40 MHz)
Display CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 4 MHz)
Sound Chip : DMA-driven DAC

55 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 75 1/2 inches high; 260 lbs.


The Sopranos was released in February 2005.

The game plays 'The Sopranos' classic theme song, 'Woke Up This Morning', during game play and features the real voices of many characters on the show, including Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), Silvio (Steven Van Zandt), Dr. Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco), Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese), and Big Pussy (Vincent Pastore).


Display RELEASE : 1.00
Sound RELEASE : 1.00
Date : February 18, 2005
- Initial release into production.

Sound RELEASE : 1.01
Date : February 19, 2005
- Fixed Ball search. It was restarting because the safe would sometimes score.
- Changed The Main play tune and how the tune sounds coming back from other tunes or on balls other than ball one.
- Changed Ball saver to 8 seconds for all countries except France. Changed France ball saver time to 0 seconds.

Sound RELEASE : 1.02
Date : February 21, 2005
- The G.I. will no longer turn off during episode lamp effects.
- The super skill shot : safe will no longer award a full safe explosion.
- Bump-N-Win value is based on 10M now.

Sound RELEASE : 1.03
Display RELEASE : 1.03
Date : February 22, 2005
- Fixed stugots from ending when underboss goes to 1 ball.
- Fixed the satisfaction background lamp effect. It was going too slow.
- The powered gates will now open in test when the orbits are activated.
- Reduced the time that super skill shot is active to be more challenging.
- Increased the display priority for start party at the Bing.

Date : February 24, 2005
Sound RELEASE : 1.04
Date : February 22, 2005
- Fixed Food Fight background display effect to show the correct value.
- Fixed the occasional 3-Ball Stugots. It should only be 2 balls.
- Fixed Add-A-Ball from the fish if balls are locked in Underboss. It will not try to Add-A-Ball if there are none to add.
- Changed start episode to use the HBO SFX
- Restart underboss from the fish during grace now works.
- The Advance Boss lamps are now not re-initialized until the end of boss.
- Jackpot will not grow from the drop target unless you are in Stugots.
- Orbit power gates will now only open during episodes if the player is shooting an orbit and the episode is giving an award.
- Increased the pause slightly of the dancers' motor before starting them again in an effort to make sure they are stopped before restarting in potentially a new direction.
- Underboss now ends if you are down to 1 ball during the timer and you have no balls locked.
- Changed Pork Store to give away Extra Ball less often if the player is high on the rank ladder.

Display RELEASE : 2.00
Date : March 2, 2005
- Fixed Advance Boss Audits
- Fixed Advance Boss lamps turning off when they should not.
- Fixed Horse Race back ground lamp effect so it flashes the correct lamp.
- Fixed Flashers effects so when all black during Executive Game or Pork Store The Safe flashers will be muted.
- Added F-ing Big Point to Pork Store in Adult mode only.
- Added Ampersand Mania if you hit the flippers 3 times during F-ing Big points comes up in the Pork Store (ONLY IN ENGLISH ROMS).
- Adjusted the Big Points percent from Pork Store to be more fun.
- Adjusted the Extra Ball percent from Pork Store to not come up as often if you are high in rank.

Date : March 3, 2005
- Fixed Flashers effects so when all black during Executive Game or Pork Store The Fish lamps will be muted.
- Moved the 'Shit' speech call from Adult mode PARTIAL to Adult mode ON.

Date : March 7, 2005
- Changed the F-ing Big Points display effect to use the 'Big Points' art work.
- Increased the frequency of the swearing if the game is set to Adult mode ON.
- Added 'Give me the Money' (an its derivatives) to the start button if pressed when there are no credits.
- Increased the Replay factory setting to 35 million.
- Increased the frequency of Ampersand Mania from the Pork Store.
- Reduced the amount of time that Ampersand Mania runs to 20 'seconds'.
- Removed the girls in the Bing mode display effects changing them to more generic effects if the game is set to Adult Mode OFF.
- Changed the Bump N Win factory setting.
- Changed the Ampersand Mania display effect to be more generic and Changing the mode to Secret Mania.

Date : March 8, 2005
- Fixed 'Give me your f-ing Money' could come up in Adult Mode PARTIAL or Adult Mode OFF. This was introduced in V2.02
- Fixed the frequency of swears in a game. The game will now more accurately track how much swearing it does.
- Fixed Secret Mania from Pork Store. It was not awarding this and now it will.

Date : March 8, 2005
- Restored Secret Mania back to Ampersand Mania.

Display RELEASE : 3.00
Sound/Speech RELEASE : 3.00
Date : March 18, 2005
- Added display effect blow-off. Some display effects can now be ended by pressing both flippers.
- Changed the display art for Bing if set to adult mode off.
- Added Middle East dip switch setting. If set to Middle east Pork Store is changed to 'The Deli' and all pig references are removed. Also, the Bing girl silhouette is changed.
- Adjusted the percent that Pork Store chooses award Hold Spinner.

Display RELEASE : 4.00


During Attract mode, press the following sequence: 2L, 1R, 2L, 1R, 2L, 1R, 2L, 1R for a secret message.


Designer : George Gomez (GG)
Artwork : Kevin O'Connor
Software : Lyman F. Sheats Jr. (LFS), Lonnie D. Ropp (LON)
Dots/Animation : Mark Galvez (MG)
Mechanics : Ray Tanzer (RAY)
Music and Sounds : Chris Granner


Game's ROM.