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The Shadow [Model 50032]

Pinball published 30 years ago by Midway Mfg. Co.

Listed in MAME

The Shadow © 1994 Midway.


Midway WPC-Security
Model Number : 50032

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 Mhz)
Sound CPU : ADSP2105 (@ 10 Mhz)
Sound Chips : DMA-driven (@ 10 Mhz)


Released in December 1994.

4,247 units were produced.

Based on the 1994 movie of the same name, starring Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann-Miller, John Lone, and Tim Curry. The latter three actors provided new and custom speech for this game.


Date : December 1, 1994
- Initial release to production.

Date : December 6, 1994
- Changed German buy-in pricing.
- Changed German preset to 1 replay level (was 2).
- Enhanced ball shooter and ball save logic.

Date : January 25, 1995
- Enhanced the broken gun trigger compensation logic.
- Fixed a few display effect text glitches.
- Added a grace period to Khan super jackpot.
- Closing coin door (and activating interlock switch) now causes the ball shooter to fire if a ball is resting on it.

Date : February 1, 1995
- Mini playfield no longer gets marked bad when a ball enters the ball popper during ball search.
- Ball search now jiggles the mini playfield kicker.

Date : April 27, 1995
- Fixed adjustment A.1 07 Replay Start. It now correctly adjusts in the range 10 million to 900 million.
- Fixed the jackpot lights being stuck on from collecting a Khan super jackpot during the grace period.
- Fixed the 5x6 font used in the skill shot screen. The number '7' showed up as a '6'.
- Fixed a glitch in the enter initials screen.
- Fixed buy-in cancel to require both flippers to be hit.
- Farley mode can now score more than 99 million.
- Playing the same mode twice in one ball now allows the scores to be added together.
- Tilting now cancels multiball autofire.


Get the quote 'Anyone for Peking duck?' by doing one of the following :
Pull the trigger at the beginning of each mode (does not work on Duel of Wills and Hotel).
Pull the trigger at the end of Duel of Wills.
The quote is also heard during the Extra Ball animation, during the quote 'I know' in Who Knows award, when you get a Scene Bonus of 2M, when the ball is in the Battle Field popper.
The quote is only heard once per playfield location.
The quote is said by 3 different people and when you´ve heard all three, start a scene to start The Secret Laughing mode (Observe the duck on the right, quacking.).

During normal play, the mist behind the score digits sometimes forms a cow or a duck. Pull the trigger to hear them!

Sometimes when you drain through an outlane, a bunch of cows walks across the screen, moo'ing.

Pull the trigger in the Video mode to clear the screen for a few seconds, but watch out when the Purba's return! This only works once per Video mode.

Pull the trigger in the Mongol Hurry Up to end the mode and award 3M.


Game's ROM.
Machine's picture (bossyman15)