The $25,000 Pyramid

A 17-year-old Slot Machine by IGT

Not emulated in MAME


The $25,000 Pyramid © 2001 IGT [International Game Technologies].

Live on tape from Hollywood and based on one of the most successful game shows in television history, it's the
new $25,000 Pyramid game – an exciting 5-reel, 9-line, 90-credit nickel video game for the iGame-Plus platform. Along with the many fabulous prizes, symbols and challenges from the popular TV game show, this game features a chance to take home a $25,000 prize.

Theme music and sounds from the studio audience are brought to life by the enhanced digital sound package. Players landing Double symbols featuring the TV game show host's affable face multiply their pays. Reel in five Double symbols and players take home the top reel award as animated versions of the host chime 'That's excellent!'.

Players receiving three Winner's Circle Bonus symbols on reels one, two and three of a played line with max coins bet have the chance to win the $25,000 prize immediately upon verification! With the TV show's genial host providing instructions and encouragement, players with max coins bet make seven selections from the pyramid of blue boxes on the Winner's Circle Bonus screen. Then, one at a time, the chosen boxes turn, revealing either a value or a pyramid symbol. Tension mounts as each revealed pyramid symbol steps up the bonus value highlighted in the top box pyramid of values. When the seventh pyramid symbol illuminates the $25,000 Pyramid machine topper, the $25,000 award is the prize paid upon jackpot verification.

Now that’s excellent!
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The $25,000 Pyramid the Slot Machine
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The $25,000 Pyramid the Slot Machine
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19” Slant-Top (with Pyramid Top Box)
Height (with candle and topper): 84.00 inches (213.4 cm)
Width: 28.00 inches (71.1 cm)
Depth (base): 23.75 inches (60.3 cm)
Depth (maximum): 33.25 inches (84.5 cm)
Weight: 438 lbs. (197.1 kg)

Power Consumption
Idle (maximum): 115 VAC 60 Hz (2.8 AMPS)
Idle (maximum): 230 VAC 50 Hz (1.7 AMPS)

Signage Requirements
Game electrical circuit: 20 amp, 120 VAC per 4-6 games
Signage electrical circuit: 20 amp, 120 VAC per overhead sign

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