The $100,000 Pyramid

IBM PC 5150 3.5in. disk. published 33 years ago by Box Office Soft.

The $100,000 Pyramid screenshot

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The $100,000 Pyramid © 1987 Box Office.


Strike it rich as the newest contestant in the hottest word-association game, $100,000 PYRAMID! Hours of entertainment will be provided as you race against tie to identify the objects and categories from the clues provided. Match wits against the computer or with up to 3 other players as you try to answer the puzzles before your time runs out! Win the first round and enter the coveted "Winner's Circle" for a crack at the grand prize of 100,000 dollars! A one, two or four player game. Think you can take the heat? Try this one for starters.

The clues to the category:
* A boiled lobster
* A blazing bonfire
* The exciting computer version of The $100,000 Pyamid.
The category? Things the are Hot, Red Hot!
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