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The Revenge of Shinobi [Model 28]

Sega Mega-Tech cart. published 36 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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The Revenge of Shinobi [Model 28] screenshot

The Revenge of Shinobi © 1988 Sega.

A few years ago, Joe Musashi defeated the terrorist ninja group known as Zeed, and peace returned to the world for a while. those years have passed and Zeed has returned, this time they have become much stronger and powerful (not to mention having their name changed to Neo Zeed). aside from their world domination plans, Neo Zeed have a new goal, the demise of the man who defeated them. and to begin, Musashi's sensei (the ninja teacher) was killed, and as if that wasn't enough, Joe's fiancee, Naoko was kidnapped and taken hostage by Neo Zeed. And now for Joe Musashi, this time it's personal.

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Runs on the "Mega-Tech System" hardware.
Cartridge ID: 610-0239-28


Released in December 1988.

In some early versions of 'The Revenge of Shinobi', Spider-Man and Batman made appearances as enemies. Unfortunately, DC Comics and Marvel Comics didn't appreciate the fact that Sega used the comic book heroes without permission. So in order to avoid a lawsuit, Sega removed Batman from the new versions, but kept Spidey under one condition... that condition was that Marvel Entertainment Group would get credit for their 'friendly neighborhood' Spider-Man in the beginning of 'The Revenge of Shinobi'.

Godzilla also makes an appearance in this game


* Infinite Shuriken : Go to the options Screen, move the pointer up to Shuriken and set them to 00, wait about 30 seconds (without moving the pointer). You will here a sound and the '00' should change to an infinite symbol. Start the game and you will have unlimited Shuriken.


Producer / Program coordinator : Yamaichi
Programmers : Mizoran, Kottsu
Assistant programmers : Ore, Sat Man
Sound coordinator / Sound programmer : Tokuhiko Uwabo (Bo)
Music composer : Yuzo Koshiro
Chief designer : Taro Shizuoka
Designers : Thomas Yuuda, Seishi Atsumiya
Assistant coordinator / Coffee maker : Pal-Ko
Total planner / Total cordinator : The Alive


Sega Mega CD (1992) "Sega Arcade Classics 4 in 1"
usa Sega Genesis (1995) "6-Pak"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (2009): This version alters the Spider-Man boss's color scheme due to the expiration of Sega's licensed use of Spider-Man


Game's ROM.
Machine's picture.