The Price Is Right - Carnival of Mystery Multiway

A 12-year-old Slot Machine by IGT

Not emulated in MAME


The Price Is Right - Carnival of Mystery Multiway © 2006 IGT [International Game Technologies]

This mysterious and enchanting 5-reel theme includes our MultiWay wagering feature, which allows players to buy reel positions instead of paylines, to create more ways to win This game also offers mystery progressive game play to enhance your players' fascination.

Game Features:
* 243 ways to win - a wager of 25 credits covers all ways.
* 500-credit maximum bet covers all ways 20 times.
* Single-denomination or multi-denomination game play.
* Compatibility with ticket-in, ticket-out technology, including EZ Pay Ticket System.


The Price Is Right - Carnival of Mystery Multiway the Slot Machine
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The Price Is Right - Carnival of Mystery Multiway the Slot Machine
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This game is part of IGT's enhanced video slots series. Games in this series require the 044 process board, which supports a higher level of security, sharper sound and color , and may also require an expanded memory card.


Jester Games Bonus:
* Five Jester Games symbols in any winning combination triggers this bonus. Players touch a circular box to start one of the three sub-bonuses

Floating Balls Sub-Bonus:
* Three Balls open up to reveal credit values, then spin to change postions. Players select a ball. In addition to credits, a ticket to another sub-bonus may be awarded.

Evade the Jester Sub-Bonus:
* Players select from a large grid of tiles which reveal credit values, and possibly a ticket to another sub-bonus. Players continue to select tiles until a jester appears, which ends the bonus round.

Puppet Sub-Bonus:
* Players select two or three puppets. Each Puppet reveals a 1-digit credit value, along with a possible ticket to another sub-bonus.

The Price is Right Fort Knox Mystery Progressives:
* Featuring mystery bonusing through four progressive jackpots that are interactive bonuses -not just awards
* When the progressive is triggered, the player is guaranteed a minimum first-level "Copper" win with a chance of advancing to successive levels
* Players choose from a grid of dollar sign tiles which reveal points that could take them to the next jackpot level.
* Successive Jackpots create players anticipation as they move through four levels: Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
* Bells ring when a player enters The Price Is Right Fort Knox Mystery Progressives bonus, plus multi-media signage synchronized to bonus events

Top Award:
* 5 Carnival of Mystery symbols in any position from left to right, with max bet, wins the top award.

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