The Platypus Game

A 18-year-old Slot Machine by Bally Gaming, Inc.

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Not emulated in MAME


The Platypus Game © 2000 Bally Gaming, Incorporated.


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* Platyous Egg feature: Select 1 of 3 spin buttons associated with 1 of 3 platypus. If a bonus egg symbol appears below the selected platypus along with 1 wild symbol anywhere on the reels, the selected platypus will dive down to collect the bonus egg win.

Bonus egg wins:
3 eggs: 1 to 10 times bet.
2 eggs: 2 to 15 times bet.
1 egg: 3 to 20 times bet.

If 2 wild symbols appear anywhere on the reels all platypus with eggs below them will dive down to collect egg wins.

* Coin Flip Bonus feature: 3 scattered koala, wallaby an platypus symbols award the coin flip bonus feature. Select 1 of 3 animals. The animal flips his coin to reveal bonus win 1 to 25 times amount bet.

* Platypus Jump bonus feature: 3 scattered waving platypus symbols award the platypus jump bonus feature. Select 1 of 3 platypus. Each platypus will jump 5 times worth 1 to 10 times amount bet. Player wins elephant bonus jump if win amount equals or exceeds other platypus jump totals, in the selected platypus' place the bonus elephant will jump worth 10 to 100 times amount bet.


PC [MS-Windows] ("101 Bally Slots" - Masque Publishing)
Macintosh ("101 Bally Slots" - Masque Publishing)

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