The Lost Vikings [Model SNS-LV-USA]

A 25-year-old Nintendo Super NES Game by Interplay

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The Lost Vikings © 1993 Interplay

The Lost Vikings is a side-scrolling platform game by Blizzard and published by Interplay. The game features three tough vikings who, one day, are victims of a terrifying alien abduction. One night, and before they know it, they are beamed up into a huge spacecraft poised above their village. In a desperate struggle to escape the large vessel, they soon fall into a time portal and end up trapped between uninviting time periods. The goal of the game is to guide the lost vikings through different worlds and to lead them back home - however, the originality of the game lies in the ability to control all three characters at once. The player can switch out characters at the press of a button and each viking features his own unique set of abilities that need to be combined to solve the game's countless puzzles. 'Erik the swift' is fast and can run, jump and bash through solid walls. 'Olaf the Stout' holds a shield that protects the team from enemy fire or allows him to glide in the air or help Erik to reach higher platforms. Finally, 'Baleog the Fierce' uses a sword and fires arrows with his bow. Each character can also carry a maximum of four items such as food (to restore health) and colored keys (to unlock doors). The game features thirty seven stages and a simple password system allows the player to save his progress.



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