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The King of Fighters XI

Sammy Atomiswave cart. published 19 years ago by SNK Playmore

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The King of Fighters XI screenshot

The King of Fighters XI © 2005 SNK Playmore.

In this installment of the The King Of Fighters series. The character roster has received a major shake-up. For the first time ever, fan favorites Mai Shiranui, Leona Heidern, Robert Garcia and Joe Higashi have been dropped from the roster. The Princess of Punch team franchise has been dissolved. Eiji returns after being absent since KOF 95, the ever popular Duck King makes his first real appearance in the series, and Bonne Jenet crosses over from "Garou - Mark of the Wolves". 3 new characters have been introduced to the series, Oswald, Elisabeth, and Momoko. Elisabeth is the heir of a noble French family, Oswald is a fighter from Ireland who utilizes cards as his weapons. Momoko is a young capoeira fighter from Japan accompanying Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou on the Psycho Soldier team.

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The King of Fighters XI (KOF XI) was released in October 2005.

KOF XI marks the first time in the main series (rather than the spin-offs KOF NeoWave and KOF Maximum Impact) where a game has not been released a year after the previous game. SNK/Playmore never released a game in the main series during the year 2004, which would leave a gap between KOF 2003 and what this game could've potentially be named KOF 2005. Thus, the company did away with the yearly trend and instead named KOF XI, being the 11th game in the main series. This game also breaks the trend of the main series running on the Neo-Geo MVS hardware and instead runs on Sammy's Atomiswave hardware.

At release time, arcade rooms were receiving competition massively worldwide for this game.

Leona, Ralph and Clark are playable characters in the Foma 90x Series Mobile Phones game 'Metal Slug Survivors'.

Scitron released a 2-CD limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (The King of Fighters XI Sound Collection - SCDC-517) on 24/03/2006.


* Extra Characters: They will appear after defeated 3 CPU teams under the following conditions

- Guy Tendou
1) Defeat >=1 CPU character with Leader's Chou-hissatsu waza
2) Within 3 minute
3) All player characters are not defeated
4) No continue

- Jyazu/Silber
1) Defeat >=6 characters with Chou-hissatsu waza or Leader's Chou-hissatsu waza
2) All player characters are not defeated
3) No continue
* Either of them will come in random order

- Syo Hayate
1) Defeat >=2 CPU characters with Leader's Chou-hissatsu waza
2) Within 3 minute
3) All player characters are not defeated
4) No continue

- Adelheid
Failed to fulfill the above conditions

Also they are selectable as time release character.
- Adelheid : 720 hours
- Guy Tendou : 960 hours
- Jazu/Silver : 1200 hours
- Joe Hayate : 1440 hours


* Voice actors:
Tizoc (Griffon Mask) : Hikaru Hanada
Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan : Satoshi Hashimoto
Gai Tendou : Nobuyuki Hiyama
Yuri Sakazaki : Kaori Horie
Athena Asamiya : Haruna Ikezawa
King, Blue Mary, Announcer : Harumi Ikoma
Momoko, Malin, Rose : Kazuyo Inosako
Gato : Koji Ishii
Kula Diamond : Yumi Kakazu
Whip : Shiho Kikuchi
Maxima : Katsuyuki Konishi
Shingo Yabuki : Takehito Koyasu
Oswald, Duck King, Geese Howard : Kong Kuwata
Benimaru Nikaido, Ralf Jones : Monster Maetsuka
Duolon : Tsunehito Maruo
K' : Yuuki Matsuda
Vanessa : Kaori Minami
Ash Crimson : Sounosuke Nagashiro
Kyo Kusanagi, EX Kyo Kusanagi : Masahiro Nonaka
B. Jenet : Rei Saito
Clark Still, Eiji Kisaragi : Yoshinori Shima
Shen Woo : Kouji Suizu
Ramon : Eiji Takemoto
Adelheid : Tetsuya Tanaka
Ryo Sakazaki : Masaki Usui
Sie Kensou : Eiji Yano
Iori Yagami : Kunihiko Yasui
Kasumi Todoh : Masae Yumi
Mai Shiranui : Akoya Sogi
Robert Garcia : Key Inage
Hotaru Futaba : Yuki Horie
Tung Fu Rue : Shigefumi Nakai
Mr. Big : Nobuyuki Yuki
Sho Hayate : Hiroyuki Inoue
Jyazu : Enma Ito
Silber : Hiroyuki Arita
Shion : Jidai Ogawa
Magaki : Spicy Yagi


japan Sony PS2 (june.20, 2006) "The King of Fighters XI [Model SLPS-25660]"
australia Sony PlayStation 2 (feb.6, 2007) "The King of Fighters XI"
japan Sony PS2 (june.28, 2007) "SNK Best Collection: The King of Fighters XI [Model SLPS-25789]"
korea Sony PS2 (jan.19, 2007) "SNK Best Collection: The King of Fighters XI [Model SLKA-25167]"
europe Sony PS2 (jul.6, 2007) "The King of Fighters XI"
usa Sony PS2 (nov.13, 2007) "The King of Fighters XI [Model SLUS-21687]"


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