The Joker's Wild! Jr.

A 24-year-old Phillips CD-i Game by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

The Joker

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The Joker's Wild! Jr. © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Nickelodeon's Marc Summers hosts this fun-tastic interactive version of the popular television quiz show, where knowledge is King, and Lady Luck is Queen... it's The Joker's Wild! Spin the wheels and face thousands of questions geared for friends and family fun! Seventy exciting Categories in three rousing rounds are loaded with all challenges and excitement of the original TV show. Watch your winnings grow as you answer correctly and advance to the Joker Challenge! So step right up and start spinning in the game that's fun, fast and filled with fascinating facts but remember, The Joker's Wild! Up to 4 can play.
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