The Inca Empire - Flying Condor

A 11-year-old Slot Machine by Aruze

Not emulated in MAME


The Inca Empire - Flying Condor © 2007 Aruze.

5-Reel Video Slot with dual high resolution monitors.


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EL DORADO DISCOVERY 'MYSTERIOUS SUN FEATURE' : Any 3 or more SCATTER trigger the EL DORADO DISCOVERY. Choose one of the 5 treasures by using the touch screen. The hero picks up the treasure, and you WIN the amount revealed. Each treasure contains a different winning amount of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x credits bet.
As he climbs up, the multiplier increases each step he takes. If he finds another treasure before reaching the 'Condor's Emerald', your WIN amount is increased. If he reaches the 'Condor's Emerald', the 100X MULTIPLIER is won. If he finds an exit before reaching the jewel, the feature is finished with the MULTIPLIER at that time. Winning value on the feature screen has been multiplied by total credits bet.

FLY-BY FREE GAMES : The FLY-BY FREE GAMES is randomly triggered at the end of a game, except the EL DORADO DISCOVERY trigger game and when SUBSTITUTE appears on reel 3. During the FLY-BY FREE GAMES, all 10 symbol become SCATTER. Credits bet and lines played during the FLY-BY FREE GAMES are the same as the game that triggered the FLY-BY FREE GAMES. FLY-BY FREE GAMES can be triggered again during the FLY-BY FREE GAMES. WIN 5, 10, OR 20 FREE GAMES