The Great White Buffalo Hunt

The Gun Game by Amutech

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[COIN-OP] Gun Game

The Great White Buffalo Hunt © 1977 Amutech.

The Great White Buffalo Hunt is an old west shooting game for 1 or 2 players. The players have an unlimited number of shots during the game playing time. The game features moving as well as stationary targets. Moving targets are rabbit, birds, and the Great White Buffalo. Stationary targets are bears and squirrels.


The Great White Buffalo Hunt the  Gun Game
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Cabinet dimensions :
Height : 66in.
Depth : 36in.
Width : 30in.
Weight : 300 lbs.

Operator control for game playing time is 60, 70, 90, and 105 seconds.
Operator control for 'Extended Time' is 5000, 6000, 7000, and 8000 points.


Scoring is based on the difficulty of the target to hit.
Squirrels : 10 points.
Bears : 20 points.
Birds : 30 points.
Rabbit : 40 points.
Buffalo : 50 points.

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