The Garlando

Soccer Table published 49 years ago by Empire Distributing, Inc.

Impossible to emulate

The Garlando © 1974 Empire Distributing, Incorporated.

1. Insert required coins in the coin chute, press the plunger until the balls are released into the tray.

2. Each match required a minimum of 7 balls. The first team winnning 4 points wins the game.

3. At the beginning of the match, the ball is placed by hand between the 2teams facing each other; the posture of the forward men is horizontal with their feet facing each other. The ball lies on the feet of both center forwards. The game begins when the ball is freed by putting the players simultaneously in a vertical position.

4. If, during the game, none of the contenders are in a position to touch the ball, it is brought back into the play by inserting it in either the right hand or left hand ball chute.

5. After each goal, the score is marked by the respective teams on their respective tabulators.

6. If a player brings the ball into motion by blowing on it, shaking or lifting the table or by spinning a bar, a penalty shot will be allowed the opposing team.The penalty shot will be made from the 11 meter mark (white dot). Both defense men are put in a horizontal position during the penalty shot.



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