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List of sound playables on this page (22 files):

01 credit.vgz
02 advent ~character select.vgz
03 bad luck ~cool stage.vgz
04 stars and stripes ~harry stage.vgz
05 fighting singer ~yuiren stage.vgz
06 bodyguard ~yuiran stage.vgz
07 assassin ~roche stage.vgz
08 ossu! ~onigawara stage.vgz
09 tears go by ~taro stage.vgz
10 nothingness ~haiji stage.vgz
11 never know why_ ~victory screen.vgz
12 next character ~next character display screen.vgz
13 kill you! ~trigger demo.vgz
14 enfield ~trigger stage.vgz
15 go to heaven ~carlos demo.vgz
16 the eden ~carlos stage.vgz
17 the fallen angels ~ending.vgz
18 intrusion ~intrusion occurrence display screen.vgz
19 sink your teeth ~name entry screen.vgz
20 iron players ~ranking display screen.vgz
21 get it on ~continue screen.vgz
22 sarina ~game over screen.vgz