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List of sound playables on this page (18 files):

01 title roll.vgz
02 the motorcycle nuclear warheads.vgz
03 2x4 fatman.vgz
04 go to next act.vgz
05 amusement park nightmare.vgz
06 persian warlord.vgz
07 the slash skate screamers.vgz
08 destroy overdrive.vgz
09 place of s.o.d..vgz
10 war paint.vgz
11 the slaughter troops.vgz
12 swastika is cyborg.vgz
13 the final battle (martha splatterhead).vgz
14 ending (out of somewhere).vgz
15 staff roll (rest in peace).vgz
16 unused 1.vgz
17 unused 2.vgz
18 unused 3.vgz