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The Champion Pub [Model 50063]

Pinball published 26 years ago by Midway Mfg. Co.

Listed in MAME

The Champion Pub © 1998 Midway Mfg. Co.


Midway WPC-95
Model Number : 50063

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : ADSP2105 (@ 10 MHz)
Sound chip : DMA-driven DAC


Released in February 1998. 1,369 units were produced.

The 14th collected jackpot is a 'Cow of a jackpot!'.

Sometimes when the Barfly gets swatted, it will be a Cowfly and a 'moo' is heard.

The boxing man assembly was modeled after programmer Duncan Brown.


Version 1.0 (changes from version 0.10)
Date : February 3, 1998
- This is the first production release
- Added Speed bag test
- Improved LED test - User can now move between left, right, or both.
- Fixed LED test - they no longer blink during the test.
- Fixed ROPE or SPEED BAG disabled. The corresponding lamp will no longer light after the player has completed all training.
- Fixed Boxer disabled. It is no longer possible to enter an infinite loop after hitting the heavy bag when the boxer is disabled.
- The ball will always return to the player if it drains while the flippers are off.
- Added difficulties. The various difficulties will now modify the adjustments to make the game harder or easier.
- Fixed double purse value bug - doubling a large purse will no longer rap around.
- Added Ordered lamp test
- Hurry up awards are now instantaneous instead of a short delay.
- Arrange Display effect priorities so that an increase purse awards are displayed during jumps rope
- Added Rope error detection.
- The rope magnet will not turn on if the rope motor is broke or disabled.
- Added Total page to Ultimate challenge.
- Added Translations.
- Added Error message for the boxer mech.

Version 1.1
Date : February 10, 1998
- Fixed ball search during game over problem. The Scoops will no longer stay down.
- The slings now turn of for short periods of time when the ball is on its way down a lane or out of a lock up device.
- All training lamps re-light after all are complete allowing the player to complete all training again and again.
- Fixed post third fight with full bar of life. There will no longer be a new fight and Raid mixed together.

Version 1.2
Date : February 20, 1998
- Fixed training bug from v1.1. You can now complete all training as many times as you please.
- Cash fights now risk percents of the players score instead of flat scores.
- The Rope magnet will no longer energize during game over or tilt.
- The ball will no longer reserve after a tilt.
- The Power Shot feature was enhanced.
- Fisticuffs multiball used the wrong adjustment to set it-self to HARD. It now works correctly.

Version 1.3
Date : April 8, 1998
- Added improved missing ball compensation.
- Fixed Cash fight so it percentages the players millions correctly.
- Fixed Ultimate challenge so multiple hits at the end of each fight do not create extra wins.
- Added Poker night awards so they will not be as redundant.
- Changed Spittn gallery so the extra ball could come from any spatter.
- Fixed speed bag test so neither speed flipper stays on.
- Fixed the poker night hand calculator; hands will not falsely be flushes.
- Fisticuffs Multiball was added to the end of ultimate challenge if the player was still in Multiball
- Victory laps were added to the end of ultimate challenge if the player beats all five boxers.

Version 1.4
Date : May 22, 1998
- Fixed German Pricing, 6 for 5 DM.
- Improved corner eject coil strength.
- Improved playfield test.

Version 1.5
Date : July 2, 1998
- Trough Jam switch will no longer kick out extra balls.
- The lock pin properly releases a ball during ball search.
- Improvements to game software performance.
- Speed Bags are not allowed during multiballs.
- Extra Ball alarm sound fixed.
- Eliminated delay after third ball bonus.
- Ball saves are preserved if no scoring has taken place.
- Broken shooter switch compensation improved, including multiple balls kicked out at the start of a new ball.
- 'Fight is Lit' lamp fixed to work during ball start.

Version 1.6
Date : September 14, 1998
- Fixed bug after Ultimate Challenge, training lamps are now set correctly.
- Fixed Cash Fight scores when the player has over 200 million.


If you hear an insect buzzing when the heavy bag is hit, quickly hit the launch button. This will give you a Barfly, Cowfly or Bobfly. 100k and a Smart Punch is also awarded.


Concept by : Pete Piotrowski
Art by : Paul Barker, Linda Deal (aka Doane)
Mechanics by : Brad Cornell
Music & Sound by : Rich Carle
Software by : Dwight Sullivan


Game's ROM.