The Challenge of.... Nexar [Model SA-206]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by SVI

The Challenge of.... Nexar [Model SA-206] screenshot

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The Challenge of.... Nexar © 1982 Spectravideo

You are trying to become a Spectra-Warrior. To do this, you must fly through the levels of warp zones, destroying radioactive beacons. The higher the level, the more you need to destroy. These beacons are guarded by impact exploding saucers. You can destroy these saucers for points or avoid them. When you destroy a saucer or beacon, do not remain in the same place as the debris will collide with you. You have ninety-nine seconds to destroy the number of beacons indicated by the number on the bottom right of the screen per level.


Model SA-206


SVI started out as Spectravision and released their first 6 games under this name (The Challenge of... Nexar being one of them). In late 1982 they changed their name in Spectravideo. The 6 games got a re-release in 1983 under the new name.

Two different versions of this game exist. The original version had a rollover bug - if you got more than 99 ships, it would reset to 0.


Programmer: David Lubar


Game's ROM.