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The Beverly Hillbillies

IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk published 31 years ago by Capstone

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The Beverly Hillbillies © 1993 Capstone.

Based on the movie from Twentieth-Century Fox, it's the action adventure computer game with the entire Clampett clan!

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Executive Producer: Leigh M. Rothschild
Producer: David Turner
Associate Producer: Amy Smith-Boylan
Director: Robert C. Clardy
Product Manager: Dawn Kozlowski
Programmers: James David Walley, Michael D. Branham
Additional Programming: Robert Parkin
Artists: Kirt Lemons
Additional Art: Jeremy Jones, Linda Westerfield
Music: Christopher Barker
Sound: Craig Utterback
Quality Assurance: Ann Dickens Clardy, John Butt, James M. Wheeler, Les Bird, Carlos Ibarra
Manual: Richard Henning
Box Design: Dawn Kozlowski


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