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The Bard's Tale [Model 1314]

IBM PC 5.25+3.5in. disk published 37 years ago by Electronic Arts

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The Bard's Tale © 1987 Electronic Arts.

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GAME ID: 1314
BARCODE: 0 14633 01314 6


Released in September 1987 in the USA.


Concept, Design & Lead Programmer: Michael Cranford
Programming: Troy P. Worrell
Scenario Design: Michael Cranford, Brian Fargo
Additional Design: Roe R. Adams III
Graphics: David Lowery
Music: Lawrence Holland, David Warhol
Producer: Joe Ybarra
Package and Manual Copy: Michael Cranford, Bing Gordon
Author and Screen Photography: Frank Wing
Photography: Kit Morris
Package Design: Michael LaBash
Cover Painting: Eric Joyner
Map Art: Don Carson
Illustrations: Todd J. Camasta
Data Compression: Jay Patel

Clue book by: T. L. Thompson
With research by: John Manley, Maryrose Doherty
Edited by: Nicholas Lavroff


Game's disk.