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The Adventures of Down Under Dan

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 29 years ago by Guildsoft, Ltd.

Listed in MAME

The Adventures of Down Under Dan © 1995 Guildsoft, Ltd.


BARCODE: 5 026247 110208


Copyright: Geoff Wilkie (POWERVISION)
Starring (in order of appearance): Paul Coombes (as Strop), Geoff Wilkie (as Dan), Nicole Simpson (as Nicole), Robin Wilkie (as Robbo), Graeme Fry (as Jack), Michael Johnson, (as Mad Mike) Jimmy, (as Ridgy), Katrina Napolitano, (as Barmaid), Mario Napolitano (as Drunk)
Programmer: Geoff Wilkie
Graphics, Videography, Photography, Props, Animation: Robin Wilkie, Annette Wilkie, Geoff Wilkie
Story: Patricia Wilkie, Geoff Wilkie, Graeme Fry, Mario Napolitano
Music: Paul Coombes
Text & Dialogue: Mario Napolitano, Katrina Napolitano, Patricia Wilkie, Geoff Wilkie
Recording Engineer: Rob Specogna, Main St Studios
Thanks to: Keith Godwin, Kim Godwin, Bill Howat, Nora Howat, Max Furbanks, Mark Hubert, Dave Baldwin, Graham Cowling, Scott Surridge, Tony Giblett, The Wintons Danny Perazollo, Michael Sztachanski
Beta Tested by The staff at MANACCOM.
A Special Thanks to all the people in these credits and any we may have missed for their help in producing Down Under Dan.
Fimed on location in Australia.

Nicole, Barmaid, Woombat, Kookaburra: Lainie Grugan
Dan, Jack: Paul Coombes
Narrator, Mad Mike, Robbo, Ridgy Didge, Drunk, Kangaroo: Jim McCallum
Koala: Ben Robertson
Strop: Adam Richards


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