The Addams Family [Model 50038]

A 24-year-old Coin-op Pinball by Midway Mfg.

Emulated in MAME !

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The Addams Family © 1994 Midway Mfg. Co.

Special Collectors Edition.


WPC Fliptronics II System


In July 1994, The Addams Family was put back in production with a special run of Gold Edition machines to commemorate the machine becoming the best selling machine of all time. Each 'Gold Edition' machine includes a certificate signed by the members of the design team and a gold plate on the lower right front of the machine containing the machine number. Limited series of only 1000 games and titled it The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition with Gold parts and a limited edition plaque on the front. Because of this gold plating, this edition is usually referred to as 'The Addams Family Gold' (TAFG).

Differences between regular and gold edition:
1) Legs, lock down bar, cabinet side rails and operations manual are all gold colored, as are the jet bumpers, Thing's box, the bookcase, center ramp wire form, and the artwork on the cabinet and bottom arch.
2) A numbered and engraved "Limited Edition" plaque is mounted on the front of the cabinet.
3) A certificate of authenticity is included, numbered and signed by the whole design team.
4) New speech is included.
4) A Buy-In button is included.
Changes in game play:
1) Cousin Its Hideout: When given a Mansion Room award, you will sometimes also achieve Cousin Its Hideout (1-4 times per whole mansion, operator adjustable).
2) The Hideout awards are (given in random order):
Cousin Its Hat (5M)
Cousin Its Hair Brush (5M)
Cousin Its Sunglasses (7M)
Cousin Its Car Keys (8M)
Cousin Its Hair Spray (10M)
Cousin Its Hair Dryer (15M)
Cousin Its Wristwatch (20M)
Cousin Its Gold Chain (25M)
Cousin Its Gold Pinball (light extra ball)
Cousin Its Bag of Gold (light special)
3) Wednesday and Pugsley's Secret Passage: When awarded the 3M Room you will also get another random Room.
4) Super Seance: The Seance Room is sometimes replaced with Super Seance, where each "knock" is worth 5M more than the usual Seance.

For more information about the pinball table itself, please see the regular model entry.


L-3 (Oct 4, 1994)
(L-3A = USA/Canada, L-3X = Export)
Changes from revision L-2:
- Fixed a display bug that occurred under the following conditions:
Player completes the mansion.
The previous mansion room contained one of Cousin It's items.
In this case, the display would show that Cousin It's Hideout was awarded on every mansion room completed during Tour the Mansion,but this is incorrect: It was only awarded once; Just the display was incorrect.
- Fixed a glitch in the Tour the Mansion display effect.
- When the 3 million mansion room awards Pugsley's and Wednesday's trap door, it now always picks an unlit room to award (Unless all the rooms are already lit).
- Bad switch reporting deactivated on the buy-in button.

L-2 (Apr 12, 1994)
(L-2A = USA/Canada, L-2X = Export)
Changes from revision L-1:
- Fixed a problem with 3 or 4 player games. If the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th player canceled buy-in, the game would reset.

L-1 (Jul 18, 1994)
(L-1A = USA/Canada, L-1X = Export)
Initial release to production.

Game's ROM.