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The Addams Family [Model TGXCD1019]

NEC TurboGrafx-CD published 33 years ago by NEC Technologies, Inc.

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The Addams Family [Model TGXCD1019] screenshot

The Addams Family © 1991 NEC Technologies.

So you're Tully Alford, and you think you had trouble in THE ADDAMS FAMILY movie! Now Gomez promises you his treasure if you can outwit the eccentric Addams Family... think you can?! Battle the ghastly pranks and ghoulish surprises throughout this sprawling mansion. Get ready for Lurch's platter of horrors, and don't expect Thing to lend you a hand. Demolish each crazed contraption in the wacky torture chamber and the chemical arsenal in Pugley's diabolical lab. Challenge Fester's memory for a clue, but don't lose your mind in the mansion! Be quick to defeat Gomez or your treasure will vanish!!

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Game ID: TGXCD1019


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