The Addams Family [Model DMG-AF-USA]

The Nintendo Game Boy Game by Ocean Soft., Ltd.

The Addams Family [Model DMG-AF-USA] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !


[HANDHELD] Nintendo Game Boy Game

The Addams Family © 1992 Ocean Software, Limited.

Creepy, Kooky, Ooky, Spooky.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY has been evicted! To save their home from Tully Alford, the family attorney, who is after the family fortune - Morticia, Lurch, Granny, Pugsley and Wednesday have gone to the house to reason with him. But when Gomez arrives, his family is missing! As Gomez, you must save your loved ones, your home and your loads of wealth. You'll have to watch out for scary obstacles like falling spikes, frightening monsters and ghosts, and you'll need to look for clues as you search for your family. Get a move on... 'cause you're gonna make a call on THE ADDAMS FAMILY!



Game's ROM.

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