The 12th Kingdom

A Slot Machine by Gamey Industries

Not emulated in MAME


The 12th Kingdom © 200? Gamey Industries.

Once upon a time there was a 12th Kingdom. Let us take you for a trip to meet its open-armed people and its fortune. Adventure 5-reel 15-winline video slot taking players straight behind the walls of fairy kingdom. Players will fight with flame of the dragon and when he appears all original symbols bellow will be burned up and replaced with universal symbol of the dragon. They must look for the right key which opens gate of the kingdom. This game will let them enter the incalculable treasury of a mystery castle.


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* Wheel of Fortune Bonus : The bonus begins, when both 'Wheel of Fortune' symbols stop on the same number. It denotes how many times player can spin the 'Wheel of Fortune'. Diamond is a universal number and two diamonds give player's bet back.

* Treasure of the 12th Kingdom Bonus : These 'Bonus' symbols start the 'Treasure of the 12th Kingdom' Bonus game, when appear on the first and fifth reel anywhere.
The gate treasure if 12th kingdom contains 10 locks. The player has 6 keys for it. His main purpose is to find the universal lock, which opens all others and the gate. Each lock give a prize. If the gate is opened, he can gather the wealth by selecting cup by cup, until unveils the ringing bell.