A 9-year-old Coin-op Redemption Game by LAI Games

Not emulated in MAME


Textminator © 2009 LAI Games [Leisure & Allied Industries].

Textminator is based around mobile phone text messaging and is aimed at a teenage demographic. Textminator is a ticket redemption machine which includes 2 mobile phone text pads attached to the cabinet.

There are 2 play modes : Race the Clock and Championship Mode. In Race the Clock players must text random sentences before time runs out. If you complete the sentence in time a more challenging sentence appears, with tickets awarded based on the amount of sentences completed. Championship Mode adds an extra challenge to gameplay, and players are able to store their name in the Textminator Hall of Fame.


Up to 4 Textminator cabinets can also be linked with up to 8 players able to verse one another.