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Tetris Worlds [Model AGB-ATWE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 23 years ago by T-HQ, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Tetris Worlds [Model AGB-ATWE-USA] screenshot

Tetris Worlds © 2001 T-HQ, Inc.

Tetris Worlds features all of the addictive block-dropping gameplay Tetris is known for, along with new updated modes such as Fusion Tetris and Hotline Tetris. Players can test their skills in the classic version of Tetris, or the latest variations of the game. Tetris Worlds also features multiplayer capabilities allowing two Tetris fans to compete directly against one another.


Cartridge ID: AGB-ATWE-USA


Released on Sep 24, 2001 in USA.


3d6 Games
Lead Programming: Tim Mensch
Programming: Tom Mensch
Scripting: Nick Robertson, Martin Theyer
Technical Director & Inline Skating: Daniel Filner
Art Director: Eric DeSantis
Graphics / Artwork: Heidi DeRick
Producer: William S. Schmitt
Special Thanks To: Chris Novak, Troy Sheets, Christopher D. White, Brett Bibby, Rod L. Stafford

Blue Planet Software
Master Designer: Henk B. Rogers
Lead Design: David B. Pellas Sr.
Design: ESP, David Nolte, John Ray, Blue Planet Software
Sound Design By: Donovan Miller
Additional Music By: Donovan Miller
Game Engine by: John K. Morris
Tetrimino Block Design By: John Ray
Quality Assurance Manager: John Fitz Randolph

Product Development Executive Producer: Scott Krager
Producer : Nathan Rose
Associate Producer: Curtis R. Cherrington
Assistant Producer: Ryan Kull
Lead Tester: Travis Tholen
Senior Tester: Morgan Clark
Testers: Luis Arevalo, Jay Cardellio, Ko-Sheng Chen, Dennis Pishchik
Group Marketing Manager: Alison Quirion
Product Manager: Monica Guerra
Director, Media Relations: Liz Pieri
Media Relations Manager: Reilly Brennan
Creative Services Director: Howard Liebeskind
Creative Services Manager: Melissa Roth
Manual Text: Kirk Somdal
Package & Manual Design: Michael Jacobs, Beeline Group
Special Thanks To: Alexey Pajitnov, Brian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Alison Locke, Michael Rubinelli, Peter Dille, Blue Planet Software, Mark Netter, Jim Siefert, Scott Kim
In Loving Memory of: Heidi DeRick


Game's ROM.