Tetris Plus [Model SLPS-00466]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Jaleco Co., Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

Tetris Plus © 1996 Jaleco Co., Ltd.

Tetris Plus is a revamped version of the original with 4 different modes of play:
* Classic: the original - no need to explain the rules!
* Puzzle Mode: help the mad Professor and his assistant escape from the inner chamber of an ancient ruined temple by clearing a path through the tumbling blocks.
* Two-player mode vs puzzle mode: just like puzzle mode only you are out to trap your opponent
* Two-player mode vs non competitive mode: lets you play the puzzle of classic mode but without the fear of a punch-up.
* Look out for the edit section which allows you to develop your own puzzles, if you've mastered the 80 already in the game.


Game ID: SLPS-00466


Released on September 06, 1996 in Japan.

japan "Tetris Plus [Model SLPS-01720]" (1998)

Export releases:
usa "Tetris Plus [Model SLUS-00338]"
europe "Tetris Plus [Model SLES-00442]"

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