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Tetris Classic

IBM PC/AT DOS 5.25+3.5in. disks published 32 years ago by Spectrum HoloByte

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Tetris Classic © 1992 Spectrum HoloByte.

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Original Tetris concept: Alexey Pajitnov
Original design and program: Vadim Gerasimov
Tetris Classic version: Rebecca Ang, Heather Mace
IBM version programming: Rebecca Ang
Additional IBM programming: Heather Mace, Kus Pranawahadi, Farah Soebrata
Artwork: Charlie Aquilina, Chuck Butler, Kathleen Thornton
Original Music and SFX: Paul Mogg
AdLib Instruments: George Alistair Sanger
Manual: Stephen Goldin
Manual design and layout: Carrie Galbraith


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