Tenryuu Genichirou no Pro Wrestling Revolution [Model SHVC-LJ]

A 24-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Jaleco

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Tenryuu Genichirou no Pro Wrestling Revolution © 1994 Jaleco Company, Limited.

Genichiro Tenryu stars with 11 wrestlers in a game officially licensed by Tenryu's Wrestle and Romance promotion. Features Exhibition matches with up to four players as well as the Champion League Match round robin and single elimination Tournament Match. Become the World Heavyweight Champion on the singles or tag team division of W.A.R. Top Ranking Match, using passwords to save your progress.




Licensed to Wrestle and Romance (later known as Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Association R) and released on September 30, 1994.

Founded and run by Genichiro Tenryu as the successor to Super World of Sports, WAR had very few contracted workers, usually featuring freelancers or wrestlers from other promotions. All-star cards were frequent, including inter-promotional feuds with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Union of Wrestling Forces International and even the World Wrestling Federation (today WWE).

Other than the licensed likeness of Genichiro Tenryu, there are 11 other characters based on the following wrestlers and personalities:

Hone (based on Stan Hansen)
Wakata (based on Jumbo Tsuruta)
Dorgan (based on Hulk Hogan)
Eagle (based on Road Warrior Hawk)
Ludger (based on Lex Luger)
Mishima (based on Mitsuharu Misawa)
Fudo (based on Keiji Mutoh)
G. Fudo (based on The Great Muta)
Killer (based on Abdullah the Butcher)
Ozeki (based on Yokozuna)
Takimoto (based on Shinya Hashimoto)

The game screen is divided in three areas. The center is for actual gameplay while the top and bottom feature large wrestler portraits performing moves as they are done by the players.

In October 1994, Jaleco released the game in America as Hammerlock Wrestling, not only altering the colors of most wrestlers, but also renaming them, listed here in the order they appear on the export's release (Hammerlock Wrestling name shown in parentheses):

Dorgan (Sam Warhammer)
Ludger (Ivan Destra)
Ozeki (Mondo Fundi)
Hone (Baron Kaiser)
G. Fudo (Great Max)
Killer (Sid Bieniek)
Tenryu (Oga Prime)
Eagle (Alpha Bozak)
Takimoto (Selvis Takito)
Mishima (Spud Marmoset)
Wakata (Ace Wagata)
Fudo (Moe Fudo)

In addition, all in-game match music has been removed.


Passwords for the singles division of Top Ranking Match mode, sending the listed wrestler to the last match of the ranking. To see passwords in this game, lose a match and choose not to continue. The password will then appear:

Tenryu = QCWDQP
Wakata = QGVDQP
Dorgan = QPHDPP
Eagle = QXXDPP
Ludger = QJGDPP
Mishima = QVPDPP
G. Fudo = QSLDPP
Killer = QQBDQP
Ozeki = QDCDPP
Takimoto = QHKDQP

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