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Tempest X3 [Model SLUS-00283]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Interplay

Listed in MAME

Tempest X3 © 1996 Interplay.


Game ID: SLUS-00283


Released on November 01, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Tempest X3 [Model SLES-00316]"


1. Tempest [Upright model] (1981, ARC)
2. Tempest 2000 [Model J9010E] (1994, JAG)
3. Tempest X3 [Model SLUS-00283] (1996, PSX)
4. Tempest 3000 (2000, NUON)


Interplay Productions, Inc.
Exec. Producer: Alan Pavlish
Producer: Robert Pardo
Line Producers: Alan Barasch, Fred Corchero Jr.
Music Superviser: Brian Luzietti
Manual Design: Patrizia Scharli
Director of Quality Assurance: Chad Allison
Assistant Director of QA: Colin Totman
Lead Tester: Douglas W. Avery
Testers: Tony Martin, Greg Baumeister, Chris Keenan

High Voltage Software, Inc.
Exec. Producer: Kerry J. Ganofsky
Producer: Keith J. Morton
Asst. Producer: Christian Wright
Programming: Brian V. McGroarty
Additional Code Support: Nate Trost
Art Director: Richard Fiore
Concept Art: Joe Whiteaker, Patrick Dolan, Paul Russel
Music & SFX: Eric Nofsinger
FMV Intro: Damion J. J. Davis, Sean Capone, Brian Schultz
Documentation: Christian Wright, Keith J. Morton
Additional Songs: Imagitech, Ltd.
Original Tempest: David Theurer
Tempest 2000: Jeff Minter


Game's CD.