Tekken 5

Arcade Video game published 20 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Tekken 5 © 2004 Namco.

Tekken 5 returns with a total of 31 characters (including the unplayable Boss, Jinpachi), including some absentees from "Tekken 4"'s character roster returning with lots of new moves. Tekken 5 has mesmerizing graphics and special moves. It has a card reading system in which players can save their record as well as other data. Players can earn cash by winning from opponents equal or higher in level. They can then equip their characters with lots of goodies like chains, helmets, watches, different color clothes and even hand-cuffs.

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The dedicated cabinet for Tekken 5 is quite unique for its feature that allows players to plug in their Sony PlayStation 2 controllers into the cabinet which gives the feeling of playing Tekken 5 on the Sony PlayStation 2 home console.

Namco System 256 hardware.

CPU : 128 Bit [Emotion Engine]
- System Clock : 300 MHz
- System Memory : 32 MB Direct Rambus
- Memory Bus Bandwidth : 3.2 GB per second
- Co-Processor : FPU (Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 1, Floating Point Divider x 1)
- Vector Units : VU0 and VU1 (Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 9, Floating Point Divider x 1)
- Floating Point Performance : 6.2 GFLOPS
- 3D CG Geometric Transformation : 66 million Polygons Per Second
- Compressed Image Decoder : MPEG2
Graphics : [Graphics Synthesizer]
- Clock Frequency : 150MHz
- DRAM Bus bandwidth : 48 GB Per Second
- DRAM Bus width : 2560 bits
- Pixel Configuration : RGB:Alpha:Z Buffer (24:8:32)
- Maximum Polygon Rate : 75 Million Polygons Per Second

Sound : SPU2+CPU
- Number of voices : ADPCM: 48 channel on SPU2 plus definable by software
- Sampling Frequency : 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz (selectable)

I/O Processor
- CPU Core : Current PlayStation CPU
- Clock Frequency : 33.8 MHz or 37.5 MHz (selectable)
- Sub Bus : 32 Bit


Tekken 5 was released on November 16, 2004.

Some of Tekken 5's levels are thematically unique to the series. To name but two, there's a mountain area surrounded by large dragon statues, and a space-ship themed area, where one can see the planets outside in the vast space.

The game is so much detailed this time that when a character hits the ground, cracks appear in the ground / wall / glass. The effect appears to be merely cosmetic, as it does not impact the environment.
In the Sony PlayStation 2 version, previous cracks in the ground / wall / glass disappear the instant the character hits the ground again.

The juggling system has been revised; long juggles, akin to those in "Tekken 3", are now possible again.

The wall system (started from "Tekken 4") still exists in the game but doesn't have that much impact on one's gameplay this time.

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Tekken 5.1 : Updated in 2005, this version of the game makes many changes to the game, such as : character move lists, the core mechanics to the game itself (adjusting of the wall system), and many cosmetic changes to the game (such as adjusting the life bar colors). The update was made primarily to help balance the game play.


* Unlockables : Tekken 5 supports unlocking new characters and stages in a time-release format like Tekken Tag & Tekken 4 did. The time starts the first time the machine is powered on and an item is unlocked after a specific amount of time. Here are the unlocks :
Two Weeks : Anna Williams, Baek Doo San, Roger Jr.
Four Weeks : Wang Jinrei, Bruce Irvin, Kuma
Day 41 (day before six weeks) : Cathedral Stage, Final Stage
Six Weeks : Devil Jin, Mokujin, Ganryu
Ten Weeks : Heihachi Mishima, Random-Selection Box

* Play as Panda : Highlight Kuma in the character selection screen and press either kick buttons. If both players use Kuma then P1 is Kuma and P2 is Panda.

* Play as Eddy Gordo : Purchase and register a Tekken 5 Data Card with Christie Montiero. Earn 400,000 G, then purchase the 'Head : ?????' item.

* Ling Xiaoyu's School-girl outfit : Highlight Xiaoyu on the character selection screen and press Start.


1. Tekken (1994, ARC)
2. Tekken 2 (1995, ARC)
3. Tekken 3 (1997, ARC)
4. Tekken Tag Tournament (1999, ARC)
5. Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo (1999, ARC)
6. Tekken 4 (2001, ARC)
7. Tekken Advance [Model AGB-ATKJ-JPN] (2001, GBA)
8. Tekken 5 (2004, ARC)
9. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (2005, ARC)
10. Tekken 6 (2007, ARC)
11. Tekken 6 - Bloodline Rebellion (2008, ARC)
12. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2011, ARC)
13. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (2012, ARC)
14. Tekken 7 (2015, ARC)


Cabinet Graphic Design: Don Marshall


Sony PlayStation 2 (2005)


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Official website: http://www.tekken-official.jp/tk5ac/index.html