Teeter Totter Castle

The Redemption Game by Andamiro Co., Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Redemption Game

Teeter Totter Castle © 2012 Andamiro.

"Teeter Totter Castle" is a video redemption game of skill suitable for all ages, with both fun and intuitive gameplay. An advanced 3D Physical Graphics Engine will give players the feel of a real skill redemption game, rather than a video imitation. Players will experience realistic 3D objects and vibrant movements while playing the game.
"Teeter Totter Castle" exhibits a child + family friendly cabinet design. The game comes with easy setup, and achieves payout stability by using a reliable high-tech system.
- Children and family friendly design
- Really simple and intuitive game to play
- Easy setup and Payout stability is attained by using reliable high tech system
- Game of Skill, easy to maintain, Suitable for all ages


Teeter Totter Castle the  Redemption Game
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Official website: http://www.andamiro.com/products/teetertottercastle/

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