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Target: Terror [Model 27]

Arcade Video game published 20 years ago by Raw Thrills

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Target: Terror [Model 27] screenshot

Target: Terror © 2004 Raw Thrills.

Target: Terror is is a 2-player shooting game that challenges players to defeat terrorist attacks on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Los Alamos nuclear facility, and Denver International Airport. The final mission is to stop a hijacked airliner from destroying the White House.

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[Model 27]

Height = 74. 3/4 inches (1.898 Meters)
Depth = 34 1/4 inches (0.869 Meters)
Width = 29 3/8 inches (0.746 Meters)
Weight = 337 lbs. (152.86 KG)

PC System: Microtel
Motherboard: K10N78M-PRO


Released in June 2004, Target - Terror is the first Raw Thrills' coin-op game.

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Designed by : Eugene Jarvis


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